Trying to summon the strength, courage and will power to call the mortgage company in order to check on the status of our loan modification.

Hubs got a job lead today that’s very promising, but 3 hours away; hoping they approve telework or that there’s an office closer we don’t know about. Although working alone is not one of his strengths…

Also, laundry day. My least favorite chore. I’ve been sucking because I hate it and I have so many things I hate to do on my plate (see making phone calls about loan statuses and paying bills with money we don’t have). 3 loads will get the hamper out of dangerous spillage territory, 3 loads tomorrow will get us through the week. I swear it spawns when we’re not looking.

Then grocery shopping with food stamps! Yay! That’s actually kind of fun because I can go willy-nilly in the produce aisle and buy everything I want. The only retail therapy I get these days.

Adulting is hard.

***UPDATE*** Took me till wednesday morning to call and it’s still in review. Thankfully they don’t need any more additional documents so it should go smoothly from here. Hoping we are approved for the Fanny Mae (or is it Freddy Mac? I can’t keep them straight) 40 years at 4% locked in. That would reduce our monthly payments a lot and free up some cash flow in the future. Hopefully at some point we’d be able to pay more than the required principle so that 40yrs shrinks down to something more manageable. God, in 40 yrs I’ll be 77 and hubs will be 90. That’s depressing. Guess we’re dying in this house unless the market takes an upswing.